PLAYMOBIL | Poster Illustration
NEU: "Rätselhafte Labyrinthe" | Buch
atFerchau #19 | Editorial Illustration
MATCHA YOU | Image Illustration
Google Doodle 1st of May 2017 in Germany
Ralph Ruthe Collaboration
DER SPIEGEL Wissen | Editorial Illustration
BUSINESS PUNK | Cover illustration
NEO MAGAZIN Intro Illustration
Jan Böhmermann Tour Poster Design
PLAYMOBIL | Image Illustration
Polizei | T-Shirt Design
NEO MAGAZIN ROYALE | Gestaltung Studio König
atferchau | Editorial Illustration
GEOlino EXTRA "Nordic Gods" | Editiorial Illustration VI
SPIEGEL ONLINE | Editorial Illustration | Editorial Illustration V | Editorial Illustration III
GEWOBA Bremen Wimmelbild
GEOlino EXTRA "Robot Dangers" | Editorial Illustration IV
BUSINESS PUNK 03/2015 editorial
GEOlino labyrinth illustrations 2015/2016
BUSINESS PUNK 05/2014 editorial
Personal work: Life in Ohlauer Straße, Berlin Kreuzberg
WIRED Germany 09/2013 "Future Election"
Droid Factory Wimmelbild - Industrie 4.0
VIDEO: Process of building a Wimmelbild illustration
PLAYBOY "Formula 1 paddock" illustration
BURGER KING Characters for "Kid's Box"
Personal work: Dinosaurs and Archosaurs
WIRED Magazine "Oktoberfest Illustration"
GEOlino magazine illustrations for kids
MEN'S HEALTH, "Public Pool", Editorial Illustration
Personal work: Compsognathus
GEOlino Magazine illustration for kids
FNR "Green Tech" editorial illustrations
SÜDDEUTSCHE VERLAG childrens' books
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